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     Vinoth Kumar 
    Rank: Level 4

    Market Direction – Advance/ Decline

    Sector Contribution – Index wise Analysis

    Stock Selection – Stock out Performance

    Rank: Level 4

    for market direction:

    Observe the Global markets ( majorly asian markets)

    FII activities

    indian markets

    market breadth  – price wise

    market breadth – turnover wise

    Index contribution:

    based on the market direction, identify whether it is positive trend or negative trend or mixed. do not act if market is mixed

    based on the above result, identify top  2 sectors. identify top 5 stocks price wise and 5 stocks turnover wise.

    Identify the top 1 or 2 companies in above result and take position accordingly


    Rank: Level 4

    Market Direction- Advance/ Decline

    Sector Contribution- Index wise analysis.

    Stock Selection- Stock out performance

    Rank: Level 2

    a) identify the market direction.
    b)see the movement if stock trading.
    c) sector contribution with prevelling the market price.
    d) sector contribution that is weighted in the market prices.
    e) stock selection.

    Rank: Level 2

    process :

    first step is to identify the market direction = asia market,FII,nifty

    then identify the market positive and negative

    sector wise contribution and choose a particular sector of the trend

    according to the trend choose the stock on index wise analysis..

    stock selection which has a greater volume..

    now choose according to the trend and keep a target and stoploss which the stock should be clear within a day no matter what it should sell it on that day itself because it is for a intraday analysis..


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