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    Positional analytical methods are useful only to earn or maximize the profits in the long run and it is applicable only for it but whereas in Intraday we have to trade within the day by making faster decisions as the market is purely based on the market days sentiment.Thus Positional analytical methods cannot be used on the Intraday markets.

    Ganesh Ramanan
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    Positional analysis is used for long term investments with more analysis and time required which is not applicable and feasible for intraday

    Divya E R
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    Intraday- As suggested by the name itself, intraday trading involves taking new positions after the opening of the market while also closing those positions on the same day prior to the market closing.

    Positional trading- Trading positionally allows one to hold their positions as per one’s needs, for one or more days, weeks or months.

    So if we have low capital affordability, going with intraday trading is a smarter move as positional trading requires a higher capital. Another factor to consider is how much risk we can bear. Intraday is a high-risk trade. If we can accept a high amount of risk, intraday trading may be more suited than positional trading, the latter of which involves moderate to high risks. A final parameter is the time frame. A full-time trader who wishes to remain glued to their screen should consider going for intraday trading, whereas someone who wishes to trade on the side or cannot dedicate their entire day to it, can opt for positional trading.

Viewing 3 posts - 231 through 233 (of 233 total)
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