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    if the stock are traded on intraday it is mandate to close on a same day because we have buy the stock in intraday before market closes it should have been close if the trader has necessary then the intraday stocks can be converted in to delivery and because the market settlement basis are done on day to day basis.

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    Whatever analysis that we did is for Intra day hence it’s advisable to go with our analysis and close the trade on same day to witness the expected Income or Risk. But, it’s not mandatory. If we don’t close the trade on same day than it become positional trade.

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    We did all the analysis for a intra day trade. As a disciplined trader, we should religiously close the position on the same day before the close of the market even if it ends in a loss.

    In some cases the Intraday trader uses the margin amount provided by the brokers to trade in the market. For any such transaction that is done using the margin amount, it is mandatory to be closed before the close of the market.

    In Intraday Share (cash market) trading any short position created has to be exited or bought back before the close of the same day compulsorily.

    In a scenario where the stock is bought in the intention of closing it on the same day (in cash market); if sufficient fund is available in the account, than it is not mandate to exit the trade, even if the intention of buying the stock was for Intraday position.

    Also in Futures and Options, it is not mandatory to close the Intra day position if sufficient margin is available in the account to carry overnight positions.

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    As a trader we need to follow the trafe plan prepared after making analysis which was for that day, intra day trading is trading within a day so we need to close the positions, it is mandatory when short positions are created to avoid penalty and not mandatory when long is created.

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    Some days traders use intraday technically known as scalping .  They are used to reduce risk as the settlement is done withjin the day


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