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    Intraday analysis the stock buy/sell is based upon the top down approach it indicates go along with the mass.Market is Based upon sentiment and global factor.Profit booking in a day within a time frame.
    In position analysis there’s no time constrain based upon bottom up approach stock-sector-market investment can be done for long term in equity ownership is attained.

     Vimal Kumar 
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    Intraday analysis is done to make profit by buying/selling the stock on the same day. It follows top to bottom approach to identify the stocks based on the market sentiment.

    Positional analysis is done to hold the stock for a while which requires a detailed analysis based on the demand & supply and characteristics of the price pattern.

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    Analysis of today’s market is intraday.

    The positional analysis is used for long term investments.

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    Intraday analysis is to find fluctuations in stock price for the day. The stocks are bought and sold taking advantage of small corrections or short term price movements in price.

    we see the demand and supply for positional analysis whereas in intraday the day’s trend is taken and traded

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    Intraday analysis is the method of analysis to identify the stocks that needs to be traded(bought & sold) in the same day to make income/profit. Intraday analysis is based on market sentiment, i.e, Market direction, Sector contribution and selecting the stock trading with high volume.

    The Intraday analysis follows the top down approach in selecting the stocks to be traded whereas in positional analysis the stock is picked first and analysis is done on it to identify the price movement.

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