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     R.Durga Prasad 
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    Yes global markets affect the intraday price movement since market is purely based on sentiment.

    Because market of different  countries work at different times which have impact on others.

    For example,fall in YUAN(Chinese currency) has led to a fall in Indian markets upto 1750 points,and other markets significantly.

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    yes global market impacts on price movements because we generally trade market with sentiments,FII,foregin market so it impacts on the price movements.

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    Yes, because of centiment and Foreign investors.

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    Yes global markets affect the intraday price movement.

    Market movement is based on two factors, fundamental and sentiment. Based on Fundamentals like profit generated, future growth etc, the share prices move up or down over a long term. Short term price movements are based on sentiments, announcements, global factors and surprise news. If there is a sudden and important news on US or Chinese, it will affect the whole world and all stocks tend to go up or down despite fundamental factors being contrary to a particular stock.

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    yes..After the globalization of share trading, when countries can trade with one another, any change in the economic performance of one country has impact on the stock prices of another country in terms of price movement. thus global markets do have impact on intraday trading

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