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    What is Double BOTTOM? What are their conditions to determine the bullish trend?

     Abirami Duraisamy 
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    When the daily price is plotted with line charts, there should be two visible equivalent bottoms with the duration of 1 month timeline with high volume in second bottom.

    Condition for bullish: Two equivalent bottoms with 1 month duration & high volume at the second bottom or the neck line and trend goes up above the neck line.

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    When a chart is plotted with the data and if we found there are two bottoms formed which are very much similar we can say a double bottom is formed, it will look like a Letter “W”.

    The twice touched low is considered as  a support level. If the stock moves up again after touching the low which was previously formed then we can considered the trend is bullish.

    Rank: Level 7

    Double bottom conditions:

    Two equalant bottoms

    Volume should be higher after the second bottom or at the breakout

    Duration is 20 days to 1 month

    long positions can be created when it exceeds the previous high.

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    double bottom is when we make 2 equivalent bottoms in the shape of “w”. volume should be higher on second bottom. duration between one bottom and the second one should be 1 mth. we should create a long position if the price crosses the neckline.

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