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     R.Durga Prasad 
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    These gaps helps to understand the trend easily.

    Area Gap:

    It appears with in the trading range.

    This gap can be filled.

    Here the volume is evenly low.

    Breakout Gap:

    It is the starting point of Bullish trend,which is away from trading range.

    This gap cannot be filled.

    The volume is High.

    Runaway Gap:

    Runaway gap is faraway from the trading range.

    Here the buyer has to buy.

    This gap cannot be filled.

    The volume is evenly high.

    Exhaustion gap:

    This is trend reversal gap(Bearish),since the point is at top,comes down during the day itself.

    The volume is high(sellers continuously sells).

    Gap is filled.

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    area gap occurs in the trending zone

    2.the volume will be high

    3.the gap may be filled

    breakout gap – happens in the trading zone

    2.the gap cannot be filled

    runaway gap appears in the trending zone break through the bullish trend

    3.demand will increase

    exhaustion gap

    1.the gap appears but it will fill within a day

    2.volume should be high.

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    The Characteristics of the four Phases of Gap are :

    Consolidation: This is also known as area gap. This appears within the trading range with a high volume and generally gets filled.

    Breakout gap: When the price moves up from the trading range and gives a breakout with a gap with a high volume. This gap may not be filled. Hence good Opportunity for Buy or sell as per the Bullish or bearish trend.

    Runaway gap: When the price further breaks out from the trading range after a initial break-out, the sellers (or Buyers) are forced to Square off hence increasing the demand. The gap may not be filled. Here the volume will be less.

    Exhaustion: When the price opens up with a gap but in turn closes near to the previous day closing the gap known as exhaustion gap. This means the reversal is starting to happen.


    Rank: Level 2

    Consolidation – It also term as “Area Gap” , Gap form in Trade range

    Breakout – Gap form in upper trend and shows break out with gap witnessed by volume

    Runway – It appear in trending zone and can not be filled where volume will be low

    Exhaustion – It appear after trading range but it will be filled on the same day where volume will be high (Bearish)

    Rank: Level 3

    Consolidation => Area gap appears within the Trading Range with a high volume.,

    Breakout => Price moves from the trading range and gives a breakout gap with a high volume.,

    Runaway => The GAP appears on the trending area after breakout point with significant volume, It means Sellers are Aggressive.,

    Exhaustion => Gap appears but it will fill within a day,& Volume is High…!

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