Doji was witnessed in NIFTY50 during 30 Nov 2105.

condition: It should not have any body i.e;neutral with high volume. It appears during rally or downfall. It can have either longer wick or small wick.




  1. Suresh Surulimuthu 3 years ago

    Hi, Nice spot.

    Note: I understand the date is 31-Nov-2015.

  2. Naresh 3 years ago

    Stoploss is triggered… By the way, your analysis is really perfect

    • Author
      Rohit Kumar Patra 3 years ago

      Sir can you tell me how to check with multiple time frame like daily candlestick with which time frame, so that I can be more sure and confidence that I’m improving my analysis.

      • Naresh 3 years ago

        Hi sir,
        I would suggest you use a daily candlestick pattern for swing trading (Swing trading is a short term strategy to capture gains in an asset over a few days). If it is more than that, I’d suggest you pay attention to the weekly pattern also.

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