Stock market is a place to buy/sell company share. We have two exchanges BSE & NSE. Both are regulated by SEBI. SENSEX/NIFTY are the index of BSE/NSE respectively which is average price of all the stocks listed.

  • : Stock market is the centralized place where buy or sell of shares/contracts take place.
  • : If anyone wants to buy/sell of company shares, they need a place to transact buy/sell. Stock market is a platform for that.
  • : Agriculture produce market FMCG Market Apparel In all the places, trading happens through Manufactures/wholesale trader/retailer to the end users. In Stock market, people can buy or sell the company shares. Only difference is the product they trade.
  • : SEBI is the regulator for the stock market in india. It protects the investors money in following strict rules and laws. It helps the Promoters to list their company in stock market to expand the business.
  • : Shareholder is the the owner of company who has invested in business to make money. Promoter is the one who started the business before listing their shares in the stock market. Director is the one who runs the business.
  • : Primary market is the place where promoter comes to public for them to be part of the business. it is called as IPO and promoter can fix the share price and based on the prospects, anyone can apply for the shares. After the IPO, company shares will be listed in the Stock market. If anyone is buying the share through stock market after listed, it is called as secondary market.
  • : IPO is initial public offer. When the promoter needs money to expand their business, they can request the money from public after getting the approval from SEBI. Share price will be fixed by Promoter. After seeing the prospects of company, anyone can apply for the share through Net banking.
  • : No. They have no rights to ask for refund instead they can sell their share at the market price and exit. Promoter/CEO who actually runs the business can decide on the dividends through Annual General meeting. Individual share holder has no rights to ask for dividends.
  • : Investments are for meeting the long term goal and trading is for making money in short term. For example, if we want to save money for your children education or retirement corpus, we do invest in stocks or real estate or government bonds or mutual funds. trading is a business to meet your short term expenses or daily expenses through buying/selling of company shares and F&O.
  • : Face Value: A equal value given to each share of a company Dividend is sharing of profits to all the shareholder. Bonus: Additional shares given to all the share holders. Split is splitting the current shares into multiple shares by dividing the face value.
  • : SENSEX is the index of Bombay stock exchange and NIFTY is index for National Stock exchange. Price of Index is the average price of all the stock stocks listed in SENSEX/NIFTY.
  • : BSE is the old stock exchange and NSE got introduced in 1992, NSE adopted for the new technology and introduced new products like F&O with less charges, so it attracted more people.
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