Candlesticks today are used by swing traders, day traders, investors and financial institutions because of the following reasons: They are easy to comprehend. Patterns are easy to identify. … Candlestick Patterns are highly accurate in predicting market trends.
Japanese candlestick charts were created with the aim of showing a significant relationship between market prices and supply & demand of commodities.

  • : Candle stick analysis is a Japaneses way of analysing the price movement, it is done on Daily Open & close High and Low if a green candle is formed that it’s a Bullish Candle and if a Red candle is formed then it’s a Bearish candle Candle stick analysis is simple but powerful for day to day analysis and weekly traders.
  • : candlesticks are used to forecast within a week
  • : Weekly trader can use the candle stick analysis and the significant volume change plays a role in candlestick analysis, since there are reversal patterns.
  • : engulfing pattern is where a continuous negative trend is abrupt ted by a green candle or positive trend which should covers the entire body of the previous day bear body Buy: when the prices crosses the high price of the engulfing day. Sell: difference between sell and stop loss above the sell price. Stop loss: lowest price of the engulfing day.
  • : Piercing pattern is slightly similar to Engulfing but it indicates trend reversal which is good for weekly traders The Green body should cover the previous day low The green body should cover at least 50 % for previous day Red body The upper tails should be small size Above the previous day(Black) tail Stop loss below the current tail
  • : The Doji is a commonly found pattern in a candlestick chart,it is characterized by being small in length—i.e,a small trading range, with an opening and closing price that are virtually equal. Doji is a key trend reversal indicator, if it appears at the top of a trend, in an overbought area, we can create short position and if is is seen at the bottom of an extended downtrend we can create long position.
  • : When Doji is appearing in the bullish trend, that is called Evening Star. we need to sell now When Doji is appearing in the bearish trend, that is called Morningstar. we can buy now
  • : Hammer: When the opening price and closing price are near the highest price, then a hammer shaped candlestick is formed and it is green in color We can buy. Hanging Man: When the opening price and closing price are near the lowest price or highest price, and if it is red in color then it is hanging man. We can sell.

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