The candlestick is easy to understand to market trends bullish are bearish and easy to take trade

  • : The candlestick is used to take buy and sell to take a trade in this method of analysis and market moving treand is also easy to find the candlestick
  • : Forecast is a people mind set it to take a trade to buy the stock are sell the stock to complete to take a candlestick
  • : The buyer and seller can equal fight in the same place that place should be volume is high to take a trade in the market
  • : The engulfing is a candlestick pattern method to find the body shape of candlestick the engulfing candlestick is cut the previous candlestick body
  • : The piercing is a 50 percentage of the body covering the previous day body in the candlestick
  • : The doji is formed to make bullish are bearish can formed become of buyers and sellers can equal fight in the market
  • : The morning star is formed by the bullish side but it going to be down trend and evening star is bearish side it is going to uptrend
  • : The hammer and hanging man is looking like same small body and big tail is formed hammer is small body is upper side hanging man is body is lower side

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