In short duration we can analysis the market movement and the buyers and sellers action through the candle stick price pattern.

  • : Based on the Candle stick analysis we can technically analyse the market. Based on the sticks pattern we can able to create our trade plan. Yes most of the time it can be real time
  • : Weekly forecasting is very well suitable for the candle stick analysis.
  • : Positional trader can use the candle stick analysis to analyse the market. Volume plays the important role in this analysis
  • : Current day body should covers the previous day body. Slight increase in trading volume during these two days.
  • : Body should cover the previous day. Upper tail should be low.Today body should cover 50% of the previous day
  • : Doji is neutral stick. We need to consider doji where there is huge trade occur on this day.Doji followed by sideways may not be considered
  • : Bearish candle followed bu a doji and bullish candle represents the Morning star pattern.
  • : Lower tail should be minimum 2 times its body size. hammer should be in green color Volume should be traded high

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