Candle stick helps to find the entry and exit point at the trade

  • : This is nothing but we analysis the stock through candle stick is called candle stick analysis. It's shows the open and close of that particular time. So we can easy to judge.
  • : Based on the trade and complete of the candle stick.
  • : Volume is indicate the no. Of exchange orders.
  • : The body of the candle, which cover the yesterday body is called engulfing. There is two engulfing, bullish and bearis. Conditions: Need trading volume. Need Recemt fall or recent high.
  • : The body should cover the yesterday low. Current day body should cover atleast 50 percent of previous body. The upper tail should be small.
  • : The open and close of the candle is same. That is doing Doji with high volume shows trend reversal.
  • : Morning Star is a bullish candlesticks reversal pattern occuring at the bottom of downtrends. Opposite is the Evening Star candlesticks.
  • : Hammer has small body with long lower tail. Hanging man is direct opposite of hammer. It shows sellers or buyers domination clearly.
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  1. Naresh 2 months ago

    Your work is really good.

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