We learned about fundamental and technical analysis and different types of charts.

  • : Buyers and seller drives the stock price, price changes so often as there are huge buyers and sellers for the same products.
  • : Studying the Product or Company in detail.
  • : Analysis the market is called technical analysis.
  • : Pro of fundamental analysis is it on paper, cons is it has only past data and it is available to stronger hands only.
  • : Input for fundamental analysis is to have knowledge and the company we analysis and input for technical analysis is number of buyers and sellers or demand and supply for the company in a particular day.
  • : News about market can be out dated and news will be discounted by market.
  • : No one can manipulate the stock price.
  • : Pros of technical analysis is based on the market and the data is same for all people. Cons is technical analysis will be correct based on the the people with knowledge only.
  • : People avoid penny stock because it has high risk.
  • : Line charts, Bar charts and candle sticks, intraday chart and EOD charts.
  • : We need candlestick charts for better graphical representation. We use the same data that we use for bar charts.

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