This module deals with the basics of stock trading such as trade plan and types of order.

  • Which are places where buyers and sellers through an auction process for the price bids and offers.

  • Exchange will take from brokers deposit If any misplaced orders from their client to solve the settlement with counter party.

  • People choose stock trading to earn money.

  • Yes it is possible to buy stocks from BSE and sell it to NSE but it will take 2 to 3 days to settle down.

  • If trader quote high price than current market price it incur a lose.

  • To place order need to have trading account. There are many types of order Market order , Bracket order , Cover order , SL order , Limit order.
    Validity of order - Like may be for the day etc.

  • LONG is BUY and SHORT is SELL . LONG UNWINDING is Exit from which already made long. SHORT COVERING is Exit from which already made short.

  • Stock trading can be considered both as a Business and Gambling its depends on the way we approach.

  • Buyers and Sellers decide the stock price.

  • Positional trading can hold the shares for long period .Intraday trading refers to buy and sell within the market day.

  • Short selling without having number of stocks in hand will result in the exchange imposing a fine.

  • Trade plan is having a good knowledge of position sizing and risk management .It is necessary to preserve the capital , cut down the loses and make profit.

  • If the stock is being traded heavily and more demand rises the company is taken as more valuable.


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