Trading is a systematic analysis to make it a business and one need thoughtful understanding of technical analysis strategy to trade at right price and right time.

  • : when we place a buy / sell order it goes to the broker through him it goes to the exchange . in exchange the is executed .
  • : broker acts as a bridge between the trader and exchange and he deposited some amount to exchange and which is how the exchage can ensures the traders counter party risk.
  • : To make short term profits.
  • : yes it is possible provided the stok should be delivered.
  • : it will be in exchange queue as a top buying proce and then it will be executes with the current market price for the stock.
  • : To place order one should select the buy / sell , mention the quantity and price. types: 1. market order, @ market price with immediate validity. 2. limit order @ pre determind price . validity is either the price reaches the limit price or end of the market session whichever is earlier.
  • : long : buying and the selling. short: selling and then buying. long unwinding : booking prifit/loss for the long order made earlier. short covering: buying the stocks which are short sold earlier, to book profit / loss.
  • : if it is practiced with proper analysis,dicipline, and calculater risk and return then it is business. if it is practiced without analysis and just to make profit out of guessings and taking risk beyond their limits then it is gambling. it is depends on the attitude of the trader and his strategy.
  • : both buyer and seller by bargain
  • : positional trading is possessing( taking delivery) the stock which you bought for few days or week or month and then selling it for capital gain. intraday trading is buying and selling happena in the same day. no possession.
  • : This kind of trading is calles short selling. When the trader expects the price of particular share will come down, andso he sells it off first . after some time the price further goes down and he buys it to cocer the trade. in this way he can gain profit from the proce didference.
  • : trade plan is deciding the trading quantity , price, and target price if profit made and stop loss if he has to suffer loss. This decision is based on the capital in hand and the risk appitite.
  • : no. it will not. since all the proce movement is taking place on secondary market and the money goes to the seller / buyers, company has no role here to gain.
  • : if the price of the share has no role in the company then why is the market capitalization? and why it is again affect the companies share price ?
  • : large cap / mid cap / small cap companies are catogarized based on the market capitalization value how it is related to the actual business ?.
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  1. Naresh 3 years ago

    Your Question 1 :: if the price of the share has no role in the company then why is the market capitalization? and why it is again affect the companies share price ?

    Market Capitalization just indicates the value which the investor as to pay in order to buy the whole company.
    market capitalization = number of outstanding shares * current market price.
    when the current market price is change then the market capitalization will be change.

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