Stock market is nothing but a place where a buyer and seller meet to gain some profit or minimise their loss.Trading can be done either in a long position or short position.Long position is where the buyer buys the stock when the price is going up and short position is where seller sells the stock when the price is going down.

  • : Stock market is a place where the stocks are traded on a large scale
  • : The stock market is needed because even a common man can be an owner of the company by purchasing the shares or stocks of the company
  • : The trading market mainly consists of options, forex, and the commodity market. Among these three markets, the forex market is the most prominent. All the three markets have a high potential of rewarding investors. When trading forex, you are taking advantage of the price movements. Your gain or loss is based on these movements. In options, you are taking advantage of the future value of stocks. The stock market, on the other hand, entails investing in the future of a company by owning a portion of it
  • : SEBI watches over the interests of the investors who invest into the stock market. We could say that SEBI is the police force of stock market where every investor is protected while making his or her trade
  • : Share holder is one who owns the shares of the company.A promoter is a person who gives a helping hand to the companies in promoting their business right from inception, incorporation and formation and solicits customers to invest into the business.A director is a person who is nominated by the share holders to look after the management of the company , the shareholders can in no way manage the company but a director can do so
  • : Primary market is where the securities are created and secondary market is where the stocks or securities are traded
  • : IPO otherwise called as initial public offering is an act by the companies to offer shares openly to the public when their objective or capital requirement needed is large. SBC EPXORTS-04-Jul-2019 Listing price is -Rs-22 LTP-Rs-24 Volume-12000 The Shapoorji Pallonji (SP) Group, for the first time in 150 years will launch an initial public offering (IPO) for one of its 13 private businesses — Sterling & Wilson Solar — a global company that engineers and builds solar-powered projects.
  • : no, shareholder cannot ask the for refunds or dividends because the company has already invested the amount invested by the shareholder but dividends can be given if the company is profitable and has some money to spare
  • : Investments are made in order to gain a profit out of the asset Trading is done with careful diligence and utmost discipline where one could make money or lose money
  • : Face value is a common denomination issued by the company Dividend is the profits given to the shareholders Bonus is an additional share given to the shareholders Stock split is the same share divided into two or more shares as per the ratio
  • : SENSEX OR BSE and NIFTY OR NSE are nothing but exchanges where traders trade
  • : NSE became popular after it had introduced the term NIFTY which was common for all.BSE has introduced the term SENSEX afterNSE had done ,so it was more or like first come first served basis
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