Marketplace is where buyers and sellers assemble to sell/ buy their shares in secondary market.
NSE preferred for trading .
BSE preferred for investment.

  • : Market place where people buy and sell their stock.
  • : To buy and sell shares.
  • : Market is a place where buying and selling happens that’s is similar in any kind of market. Difference is only product . Eg fish trading happens in fish market, vegetable trading in vegetable market and stock trading in stock market
  • : Securities and exchange board of India. It’s role is to regulate and keep a check on the trading practises of companies in india
  • : Share holders are investors in company, promoter is a the one promoting the company and director is the person responsible for managing activities of the company.
  • : Primary market is ipo where people invest in capital in public and secondary is seconds where people buy the share in share market.
  • : Initial public offering. Form is filled and person can apply with the number of shares he wants to bid.
  • : No he cannot. If he wants refund he can sell the share in secondary market.
  • : Investment is for a longer period of time whereas trading is for a shorter period even whitin a day.
  • : Face value is the initial share price as mentioned in certificate. Dividend is the profit of company given to the shareholders.bonus is the free shares given to share holders based on the number of shares they hold. Spilt is the share price spilt that happens .
  • : Sensex is top 50 companies in India in Bombay stock exchange.bse. Nifty is top 50 companies is nse
  • : NSE has high volume trading that is more number of buyers and sellers and also more liquidity,hence nse preferred than bse specially for trading. BSE can be preferred for investment.

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