The stock market is a platform on which shares are bought and sold and traded. Stocks are rated / valued by the use of indices like NSE and BSE. SEBI is the governing body that ensures safe and fair practices are followed and no rules are broken. A company offers its shares to the public for the first time by a process called IPO. Shares may be bought but cannot be retured at any point. Shares may be transferred. People / institutions may choose to invest or simply trade in the stock market.

  • : Stock Market is a platform for trading in stocks
  • : We need the stock market to easily buy and sell shares
  • : Koyambed, Richie Street markets. The similarity is that trading happens in all markets. The difference is that while markets are physical and location based, the stock market is a virtual platform.
  • : SEBI is the regulatory body that governs the stock exchange. It monitors fair practice and ensures no norms are violated by companies, institutions or individuals.
  • : A share holder is simply anyone holding shares in a company. It may be an individual, another company or a financial institution. Promoters are the primary share holders of the company. They may be the founders or simply majority share holders. Director is a person among the promoters who may be elected to hold primary decision making function or office.
  • : Primary market is where stocks / securities are created , and direct transactions with company are made (bonus and dividend) Secondary market is where these stocks are traded. examples are BSE and NSE
  • : IPO which is Initial Public Offering is the event of making shares of a company available for public consumption for the first time. Through IPO shares are offered in batches (lots), the total value of which amounts to 12500. The company offers these shares at a premium which is known as the market value. A person or institution applies to buy by depositing the required lot value amount through the broker / broker platform. This offer is open for a specified period of time. After the offer date expires, the company issues shares in the specified lot to the buys, mostly at random. If the IPO is oversubscribed, there may be a lottery system to decide the buyers. Supriya Lifesciences Ltd. Offer date : Dec 16, 2021 Expiry: dec 20, 2021 Listing date: Dec 28, 2021 Face value: Rs 2 IPO value Rs. 265 to 274
  • : Share holder cannot ask for refund or demand dividend. The decision to dividend payout lies entirely with the company. Shares once bought may not be returned but they can to transferred / sold to another person.
  • : Investment is basically accumulating assets in the form of stocks with the intention of liquidating them at higher yield at a later point in time. Trading is basically buying and selling the same stocks without holding them.
  • : Face value is the value at which the company's equity is divided into individual shares before it is offered to public. Dividend is the payout the company makes in the form of shares,as a way of sharing its profit with shareholders. Bonus is a cash payout made by the company to its shareholders. A split is the process of dividing a share into multiple shares.
  • : SENSEX and Nifty are indices used to measure the performance of all stocks listed under them. These indices are useful as the stocks may be scrutinised in individual or grouped into categories as per interest. Example, market size and sector
  • : NSE has more liquidity that is more number / quantity of shares is traded than BSE and hence it is more popular.
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