in this day i have learnt about the basics of stock market ,ipo, indices , facevalue, dividened, promoter, nse bse listing in stock market ,primary market ,secondary market etc…

  • : stock market is a place where the stocks can be brought and sold . It is a place where stocks can be traded
  • : we need a stock market because a market is a place where large number of buyers and sellers can be recognised and in a stock market is where we can easily able to exchange the shares
  • : there are number of markets like vegetable fish electronics etc... In stock market there is no need of physical presence we can easily buy or sell using online and there is no fear of quality or fake promises because stock market is regulated by sebi
  • : sebi is known as security exchange board of India is formed in 1992 to regulate the stock market and also verifying the background of the company before listing to the public
  • : shareholders are one who hold shares in the company, promoters are the one who protmoes the buisness and leaves the company when he gets good returns , directors are the captains of ship who runs the company with their ideas
  • : primary market is a place where the company share are brought to public at first and the shares which are again be traded are known as secondary market
  • : intial public offer is the process company are 1st listed to public to raise huge capital and becomes a public ltd . ipo should be applied only by getting necessary approval from sebi
  • : no he doesnt have any right
  • : investment is a long term process where the capital can be both large and small or also it can be on equal intervals but trading is the process in which it is a short term and the risk in capital is high compared to investment
  • : facevalue is the value of stock that listed on ipo based on the investors and the capital required. dividened is a one process of sharing the profit to the investors at some times neednot to be compulspory or regular
  • : sensex is a indices of bombay stock exchange calculated by a average of top 50 companies in bse. nse is a indices of national stock exchange calculated by a average of top 50 companies in nse fifty
  • : market is a place where both the buyers and sellers should meet and nse becomes so popluar because the no of buyer and sellers is incresing and also the technical develpoment is also very good whical makes nse more popular thn other stock market in india

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