Market is a place where buying and selling takes place. There are two types of Market. 1. Primary Market eg. vegetable / fruit market. 2. Secondary Market : eg. Stock market. Stock market is the place where buying and selling of stocks takes place. The role of SEBI is to regulate the stock exchange. An IPO is nothing but Initial public offer which is the offer made by a company to raise capital. A person who holds a share in a company is called the share holder and the person/company who promotes the share is called a promoter. Every share in an IPO has a value known as the face value which depends on the number of shares issued by the company. Management of the company decides whether to issue bonus to its shareholders.

  • : Stock Market is the place where we buy and sell stocks. Its a secondary market.
  • : We need stock market for buying and selling stocks.
  • : There are primary markets and secondary markets. Ex of primary markets is fruit / Vegetable market. Ex of secondary market is stock market. The difference between primary market and secondary market is the product.
  • : SEBI is Securities and Exchange board of India. The role of SEBI is to regulate the market in an orderly manner.
  • : Share Holder is the one who owns a share . Promoter is the one who is responsible for raising capital for a company. Director is a person who is selected by the board of directors to manage the company.
  • : The main difference between primary market and secondary market is the product. Ex of Primary market is Vegetable market. Ex of Secondary market is Share market.
  • : IPO stands for initial public offer. It is the process by which private company can becoming public by selling its shares. By this process a company can increase its capital.example for IPO to be issued: LIC, Bajaj Energy.
  • : Shareholder cannot ask for refund /dividends. It is the board of directors who decide whether to give dividends or not.
  • : Investment is nothing buying a stock and selling it after long time whereas trading is nothing but buying and selling stock in short duration. Investment is long term approach to make wealth whereas trading is short term approach.
  • : Face value is the value of a share in IPO.Dividend refers to part of the profit that a company shares with its shareholders. It can be either cash or shares. Bonus is the additional shares that a company issues without additional charges. When a company wants to attract more investors, its board of directors decide to split the shares (i.e more number of shares) inorder to reduce its shareprice.
  • : SENSEX: It is the stock market index indicator for bombay stock exchange. NIFTY: It is the stock market index indicator for National Stock Exchange.
  • : Although BSE is the oldest Stock Exchange in India, NSE is more popular since the transaction charges are less compared to BSE and it offers more liquidity.
  • : how to purchase an IPO?

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