Basics of stock analysis

  • : The stock prices are driven by the buyers and sellers, the market fluctuates based on the volume if the demand is more then prices tend to go up if the supply is more price tends to come down.
  • : fundamental analysis uses revenues, earnings, future growth, return on equity, profit margins, and other data to determine a company's underlying value and potential for future growth.
  • : The technical analysis uses just the price and volume to find the trend of the stock.
  • : Fundamental analysis helps in predicting the long-term trends in the market. It is generally used for long-term investments as it enables you to understand the price that the stock should reach. It also allows you to find good companies for investment, such as those with strong growth potential. Some of the information like insider information are available only to strong holds and not to common man hence its better to rely on technical analysis.
  • : Earnings, expenses, assets, and liabilities are required for Fundamental analysis. The price and volume are required in technical analysis.
  • : The news and analysts report generally ticks the traders to invest or sell the stocks. But professional traders anticipate the news and react, not after the event is reported.
  • : Average daily turnover in NSE 68013 crores. Market manipulation schemes use social media, telemarketing, high-speed trading, and other tactics to intentionally drive a stock price dramatically up or down
  • : con-Technical analysis is used to forecast stocks. All of the technical indicators give possible entry and exit points. The forecasting accuracy isn’t 100%. pro-The technical analysis uses only price and volume which is easily available.
  • : A lack of history and information, as well as low liquidity, make penny stocks more risky.
  • : Line, bar and candlesticks
  • : The candle stick helps understanding if the market is bearish or bullish better than bar graphs visually though they have the same information. candlestick
  • : how line charts are misleading?
  • : relationship of news, earning, and analyst report

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