Stock market is a place where people can buy or sell the companies shares that they hold. There are many instruments like equity currencies and commodities.

  • : A common market place where we can buy and sell shares.
  • : To have common platform or a place where buyers and sellers can meet and the trade can happen seemlessly.
  • : Similarity : buying and selling happens for shares and other instruments Differences : the trade is happening globally and people can participate instantly.
  • : SEBI acts as a regulatory body to monitor the activities happening in the share market.
  • : Promotor is a individual/ group who creates idea of starting a business and takes initial steps in establishing a company. Director is the one who is appointed by the shareholders and the promoters to take the decisions of the company and run the business on their behalf. Share holders are the persons who funds the capital for the business. When there is a need for capital the company looks out for people to contribute to the capital and there by share the ownership of the company.
  • : Primary market is the place where we buy the shares of the company directly. Secondary market is when the already bought shares are exchanged/transfered/ traded. Eg : A company needs a capital it files for an ipo and the shares are allocated whose bids gets selected. This is the primary market. when these shares are traded further this is called as secondary market.
  • : IPO is the process when a company approaches public the first time for raising capital. We have to apply for IPO through any broker/ banker with our demat account id. Latest IPOS were prince pipes and Ujjivan small finance bank
  • : No he cannot. It is upto the director of the company to decide on how to utilize the profits gained.
  • : Investment is in any form. To buy and hold something in the idea to buy and save for future. Like investment in land gold and equity / assests for long term. Trading is to buy and sell shares/commodities to gain some profit between buy and sell.
  • : face value is the original value of the share set by the promoter when the share certificates are issued in the market. Dividend is the amount which is credited to the shareholder account for each share they hold. Dividends are profit share which the company shares to its shareholders. Bonus are some free shares which the company gives to share holders in form of shares instead of dividends. Split happens when the promoter feels to split down the shares face value and the CMP of the share. Eg if face value is 10 and CMP is 150 the company wants to split the share 1:2 then the face value becomes 5 and CMP 75. Each share holder gets 1 additional share for each share he holds. If he was holding hundred @150 rupees basically now he will be having 200 shares @75
  • : Sensex is the average of top 30 shares of BSE and nifty is top 50 traded shares of NSE.
  • : More Liquidity. Nse Encouraged direct participation to the trade.

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