we cannot determine the stock price it works according to demand and supply of current position to earn in market we should analyse there are 2 analysis fundamental and technical analysis common people cannot do fundamental analysis but technical analysis can be done using theory while doing this we should not depend on newspapers we should move along with the market using charts etc.

  • : stock price is the price determined by the investors i.e the buyer and sellers where the stock price often changes due to the main factor called demand and supply, the amount of demand and supply of shares determines the stock price.
  • : in stocks, fundamental analysis uses revenues, earnings, future growth, return on equity, profit margins, and other data to determine a company's underlying value and potential for future growth.
  • : Technical analysis of stocks and trends is the study of historical market data, including price and volume. Using both behavioral economics and quantitative analysis, technical analysts aim to use past performance to predict future market behavior.
  • : fundamental analysis gives the key to invest in a particular stock so that the investors will make a sure profit out of that , but it is vert difficult to do fundamental analysis about a company,only stronger hands can do that.
  • : technical analysis- the open price, close price,volume , demand and supply are the inputs fundamental analysis- company's financials , market shares, executive management,customers etc are inputs of fundamental analysis.
  • : it is not good to always follow news because the news maybe outdated or lately published,where the news can be intentionally favorable to any particulars the investors will be the last person to know the news.
  • : common people will not know the average turnover in NSE on daily basis and also cannot manipulate the stock price.
  • : we can only follow the market but we cannot forecast it where it is advisable to go along with the market if it goes high we can create long potion but if it goes down lower then the strike price then create the short potion.
  • : penny stocks are the shares or stocks from the small companies where people will not be aware of the small companies because they will not be any transparency of it ,therefore risk take is more so that people will avoid penny stocks.
  • : they are different type of charts available namely bar, candle, line, hollow candle, area , heikin ashi.
  • : A candlestick is a type of price chart used that displays the high, low, open, and closing prices of a security for a specific period. It originated from Japanese rice merchants and traders to track market prices and daily momentum hundreds of years before becoming popularized in the United States

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