Share market is differentiated into primary and secondary market. Primary to raise funds and secondary to exchange the shares. An ipo is when a company lists itself in the stock market for the first time. A dividend is a earning out of holding a share. Sensex is the average index of bse and nifty is the average index of the nse.

  • : A place where companies raise capital and public invest in the same.
  • : To exchange the shares brought by the public.
  • : Vegetable market, fish market - All similar commodities in the same place to buy. Cannot be sold but only exchange.
  • : Sebi is the governing authority for stock market in India. It's role is to establish Transperency and effective trading norms
  • : Share holder is a person who owns a part of share in a company. Promoted is someone who promotes a certain company. Director is a person who runs the company from the front end.
  • : Primary market is where companies raise capital and secondary market is where those shares are exchanged and traded
  • : Ipo is initial public offer when a company offers the public to invest in the company for first time. A company has to get approval from sebi, advertise, get subscription and then allot. A recent ipo is sbi card.
  • : A share holder can't ask for a refund as the money invested cannot be returned. Dividends are the earnings for holding the company shares.
  • : Investment is when the shares of a company are holded for a long period of time. Trading is based on daily activities.
  • : Face value is the base value of a share. Dividend is a earning out of a share. Split is a division of a share into fragments.
  • : Sensex is the average of top 30 performing stocks in the bse. Nifty is the average of top 50 performing stocks in the nse.
  • : Nse is more popular than bse dure to it's operating efficiency. High performing stocks in the bse are further listed in the nse.

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