Its help us to learn the Basic and the terms what we going to use in feature

better have more information about bonus and split,

  • : the place where we can buy and sell different stocks
  • : the platform to buy and sell the shares
  • : vegetable market,electronics market ect....everything looks same the thing what we are going to buy and sell is the difference
  • : The Securities and Exchange Board of India to protect the interests of investors in securities and to promote the development of, and to regulate the securities market
  • : Share holders-owner of the company Promoters-who promote the company-may be the previews owner Director -who run the company
  • : Primary market is where the company share his IPO to collect money Secondary is through stock market
  • : Initial public offer we bid for the ipo shares,by applying different bid and share quantity by filling form online
  • : no because the amount already inverts by company,they can exchange there shares
  • : Inverstment is like savings for long time trading is like buy and sell
  • : Face value is just denamantion dividend is share the profit with the people who inversit
  • : Sensex top 30 BSE company performance NIFTY-Top 50 NSE performed company
  • : now days most of the people have focused on NSE which have national stock holders from different place of country even international
  • : What we can do after buy the IPO,we can hold
  • : is the IPO shares give divident
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  1. Naresh 2 years ago

    In response to your question
    Your Question 1 :: What we can do after buy the IPO,we can hold ?
    holding decisions should be taken only based on fundamentals of the company. so, you must check whether the company you bought in IPO is fundamentally stable or not.

    Your Question 2 :: is the IPO shares give divident
    Company is not in compulsive position to give any dividends. so, giving dividends vary from company to company.

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