1. Here we studied what is intraday and how to do analysis using time frame. In intraday time frame plays a vital role.
2. Overall market sentiment and how to apply in chart.
3. Ideal time for trading in intraday.
4. Not recommended for beginners.

  • : It is the analysis done only during day time means actual market time. It is different from positional because once we bought today has to sold on same day before market close or else it'll go to exchange for auction.
  • : Yes it is mandatory because in intraday the item we sell which we don't even own , has to be bought on same day and on intraday broker gives margin to buy more stocks.so if we don't exit our position it'll square of automatically with current market price.
  • : Ideal time for intraday is in morning session from 10:00 - 11:00 and in afternoon session from 13:45 - 14:45.
  • : Global market plays important role for intraday because just because of one announcement it can make price movement go up and down . So it is said that to buy trade during ideal time and to use stop-loss. Even in normal day also sudden movement can happen.
  • : Positional method not followed because here we use candlestick in 1 day chart and in intraday time frame of 5, 10, 15,30 minutes are mostly used as per their plan and strategy they use. Because in intraday today it'll as of in buying trade and we cannot say anything about tomorrow what will be it's position it can even continue or go opposite side.
  • : 1. Global market sentiment 2. FII activity either positive or negative but it'll show only previous day activity. 3. Indian market sentiment. 4. Which sector is performing well and performing worst by looking at overall market sentiment. 5. Advanced/ decline ratio. 6. Change in % and turnover

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