1. Stock market is a place where buyers and sellers meet.
  2. It is a secondary market.
  3. NSE and BSE are exchanges .
  4. The stock market is regulated by SEBI.
  5. Shares are actively traded in the stock market.
  6. Stock market can be accessed only thorugh a broker.
  • : It is a place where buyers and sellers meet.
  • : To facilitate easy buying and selling of stock
  • : Other markets such as vegetable market have a physical existance whereas stock market has a virtual presence.
  • : SEBI regulates all the transactions happening in the exchange
  • : Share holder is a person who holds shares in the said company. Promoter is the person who floats the company. Director is a person appointed by the shareholders to act on their behalf.
  • : Primary market is a place where the company goes 1st for capital. Secondary market is where the shares get trasfered from its 1st owners to the subsequent holders. Company does not benefit much from the secondary market.
  • : IPO stands for initial public offer. It is when the company 1st issues shares to the public to raise capital. SBI cards is a famous company that went for an IPO in recent times.
  • : The share holder cannot demand a refund or dividend. But he has the option to trasfer his shares for a price in the secondary market.
  • : Investment is a savings option. whereas trading is an alternate source of income.
  • : Face value is the value on which the company will pay dividend. Dividend is the share of profit an investor gets. Bonus is when the company gives free shares to the existing shareholders.
  • : SENSEX is an index of BSE and Nifty is an index of NSE.
  • : Stock listes in NSE is more liquid than those listed in BSE. More participants are involved in NSE. Hence making it more popular than BSE.

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