stock market is investment and trading platform .investment is long term gain and trading is short term gain ,Try to invest your money in long term this will create your wealth

  • : Stock market is investment and trading platform to buy and sell only shares of company
  • : For example if i need to sell or buy any kind of products will go for market but in stock market to buy and sell shares of companies
  • : In share market we can buy or sell shares but In other market buy some goods and pay money
  • : Securities and Exchange Board of India.Sebi Role regulate the stock market
  • : Holding a company shares called share holder,advertising the company and shares called promoter,overall process control and managed by director
  • : process of IPO called primary market ,After company shares listed in NSE or BSE investor and trader buy and sell process called secondary market
  • : IPO is initial public offering For Example If I need small amount I will go with my friends, family and bank .For big amount will go with public to share my company .process to apply for ipo first enter to investment banking and present my company ideas and sebi will verify the process ,After sebi verified company will list out in stock market
  • : Share holder do not have the rights to ask for refund and dividend
  • : Investment is long term gain ,Trading is short term gain or loss.Fundamentaly analyze the company and invest for long time ,In Trading analyze technical and follow the market to trade the shares
  • : The face value is the price at which the company is valued in the beginning,if company makes profit pay dividend for per share,company makes profits pay bonus share with free of cost ,shares are divided into two or more called split share
  • : Bse Top 30 Companies average value Said To be Sensex,In Nse Top 50 Companies average value said to be Nifty
  • : Most of the trader visiting NSE counter to trade the share so that NSE become popular than BSE
  • : All company can apply for IPO or Only specific company
  • : who fix the share price ?
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  1. Naresh 5 months ago

    Please find below the response to your queries-

    Your Question 1 :: All company can apply for IPO or Only specific company
    Companies that meet SEBI’s Eligibility criteria only can IPO in the public market.

    Your Question 2 :: who fix the share price ?
    The price of the share in IPO is decided by the book-building process.

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