It is how how can we analyse the market by fundamental and technical analysis and what charts are available and how can we use the different ones to make decisions and what are the advantages the various ones.

  • : The demand and supply drives the stock price. The price changes often because a trade keeps happening every second and so the price keeps changing.
  • : Fundamental analysis is evaluating securities by their intrinsic value
  • : Technical analysis is analysing to identify investments and trading opportunities by seeing patterns and price trends.
  • : Fundamental analysis helps to find the company that is best among its peers. future growth prospects about particular sector can be also determined. its disadvantage is that it only works for long term investments and doesn't give exact buy or sell signal.
  • : For technical analysis historical data, price and volume is required. For fundamental analysis its done by understanding the company, studying financial reports, see the competitors and see future prospects.
  • : News, earnings and analyst report affects stock price a lot as people according to news of the company make up their mind if they want to buy or sell the share, Earnings also affect because if the earnings is good then the company sometimes announces dividend or bonus and so it benefits the holder. Analyst report gives a outline of the company to people who are not familiar with the operations of the company and also gives future growth plans of the company.
  • : The average daily turnover of NSE is 32,052. Yes the manipulation of stock price is possible and happens mostly in case of penny stock and its not legal and is also tough as it becomes on a large scale and is the checked by SEBI.
  • : The advantages of technical analysis is that it can be used for both short and long term investment and can be also be used for stocks, commodities or even forex also. Its disadvantage is there can be a confusion in trading decisions as we can get mixed signals on occasions
  • : One major reason to avoid penny stock is due to scam as there can be a pump and dump situation caused using penny stocks. As frauds are expected thats why they are avoided.
  • : The major different types of charts are line chart, bar chart, point and figure chart and candlestick chart.
  • : Candlestick chart is necessary because it shows us four important points just at one glance like opening, closing, highest and lowest price in the specified timeframe and so we can see the direction of the market easily

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