Market is all depends on Stock price,and we need to predict that values and trade on it to be profitable. The numbers of stock is varies every second because of the huge participation of traders in a single medium. There are two types of analysis fundamental and technical based on this both we can come up with ranges of stock prices , Fundamental analysis is having good knowledge on a company from tip to toe and it is not possible to everyone. but it is the best analysis . Technical analysis is going with the market values the volume and the patterns prices changes it is done but is not perfect but it is not risky.few charts like line charts bar charts, candlesticks are in use but candle sticks are the most preferable charts in stock market.

  • : Stocks price is driven by the traders.The fluctuations in the price is due to lot of buyers and sellers trading through single medium with different expected prices.
  • : Fundamental analysis is the direct analysis with company like knowing every moment of the company, Factors affecting company and the foreign investments, loans, workers, market flow etc,.
  • : Technical analysis is following the market and analyzing by particular patterns, charts, volume of traders etc.,
  • : Pros-Through fundamental analysis we will get a clear understanding of the company by that we can easily conclude the performance of the company Cons-It is hard to get every info of the company for everyone,so we may miss some concepts on evaluating the company performance.
  • : Fundamental analysis require factors like Company initial investment,current profit,customers,bank loans,marketing,services ,govt policies etc Technical analysis requires charts, volume of traders .
  • : News always wont be correct even if it is correct it will be open source to everyone so everyone will go in market, But analyst will go with market, market cant give fake values so analyst pull the reports charts and volume of trading done and give give appropriate trading ranges.
  • : NSE has seen an average daily turnover of Rs 2.58 lakh crore this days, It is possible to manipulate by stoke price by liquidity share bulk amount of trading cause to sudden changes in stock price.
  • : Pros:It make u stay away from fake news, as market wont fake so probability is high. Cons:Need patience and it is not sure as fundamental.
  • : Penny stock companies are often headed for bankruptcy or are highly over leveraged, because of that investing in penny stocks is risky
  • : There are lot of charts but in stock analysis few are commonly line charts,bar charts, candle charts.
  • : Line charts are always misleading because it wont show the sudden rise or gaps and also starting and exit prices. Bar chart will give starting and exit but it wont show weather it is bullish or bearish.But candlestick will show all the factors like entry n exist, bullish or bearish clearly so mostly candlestick are popular.
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