Stock analysis usually consists of fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is done for long term investing and technical analysis is done for short term trading.

  • : Demand and supply drives the stock price. Price changes so often because of the fluctuation in demand and supply.
  • : Fundamental analysis is the process of analyzing the real value of a stock using microeconomic and macroeconomic factors. Fundamental analysis is usually done for long term investing.
  • : Technical analysis is the process of analyzing price trends and patterns with charts to predict future price. Technical analysis is usually done for short term trading like daily trading.
  • : Fundamental analysis helps in investing in quality stocks for long term purpose using various statistics and economic factors whereas fundamental analysis is usually time consuming.
  • : ROE, ROCE, debts of company, EBITDA, net profit, P/E ratio, EPS.
  • : News, earning and analysis report positively and negatively affect the price of a stock. Any positive news, increased earning, positive analysis will push up the price whereas any negative news, decreased earning will usually bring down the price of a stock.
  • : Average turnover in NSE is around 100 lakh crore. No one can manipulate stock price.
  • : Advantage of technical analysis is it helps in predicting future price actions for short term trading while disadvantage is technical analysis is not always foolproof and this may go wrong on many occasions.
  • : People usually avoid penny stocks because these are not attractive in terms of profit.
  • : graph chart, bar chart, candlestick chart.
  • : Candlestick charts helps in seeing price pattern and its movement. The charts can be seen for quarterly, monthly, daily and even minutes. It usually shows opening price, closing price, high and low for a specific time period.

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