Stock market is the place where buyers and sellers exchange stocks.Stock market helps the economy to grow because of its high liquidity.There are many markets.We have two exchanges-NSE AND BSE.SEBI plays an important role in regulating.We have two main terms NIFTY by NSE and SENSEX by BSE.The basics of stock market also includes shareholders,promoters and direcctor.The process of getting public money is to advertise to get capital,apply for IPO and issuing of certificate to shareholders.Then we can see Stock trading mechanism.

  • : Stock market is a market where buyers and sellers meet(exchange of stocks).
  • : high liquidity which helps economy to grow.
  • : Stocks,Forex,Options and derivatives. Stock market deals with exchange of stocks. Forex deals with currency. An option is a contract. Derivative deals with future contracts.
  • : SEBI is the regulatory authority in India which was established in 1982.Its main role is to protect investors from malpractices .
  • : Share holders-Owner of shares Promoters-Helps in raising money. Director-Highest authority in a company/organisation.
  • : Primary market is where shares are sold to public for first time. E.g-IPO. Secondary market is where securities are already issued.
  • : IPO-Initial Public Offering.Issuing a company becomes a publicy listed company on a recognised stock exchange.
  • : No,he does not have the rights to do that because its totally companys wish and if he does soo many shareholders do the same and the company cant run anymore without required capital.
  • : Investments is based on long term with less risk but trading involves too much risk which are mostly used for short term.
  • : Face value-Actual Value. Dividend-paid out of profits Bonus-extra share rewarded Split-Same share split into two.
  • : SENSEX-Best 30 companies in BSE NIFTY-Equity benchmark index by NSE.
  • : NSE is more popular because of its Liquidity.
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