It is a place where buyers and sellers gather together to exchange stocks/shares with their expected prices without any intermediators

  • : A centralized place to Buy or Sell shares
  • : To assemble buyers and sellers in a place to have transparent price trading
  • : spot market, future market - in spot market traded are done at the same day - in future market traded are done at the expiry day of the contract
  • : Security and Exchange Board of India - Its main role is to assure the Buyers and Sellers transactions are settled to each other without disputes. If any disputes it has the sole responsibility to inform respective exchange to resolve the same
  • : share holders - The one who own the company share certificates (if even one share is owned by a member) Promoter - A member who is organizing an event regarding the company Director - He is the one who is selected by the co partners to take decision for the company
  • : Primary - where the shares are directly settled by the companies for the investors directly secondary - where the shares are exchanged by the exiting owners of the shares where the respective company is not involved
  • : Initial public offering Blocking of required lots using our broker account within the offer closing day the amount will be hold in our account until the lot is allotted to us on the allotted date If not allotted the hold fund will be released in our account
  • : No we don't have right, only the company has its own rights to do any thing with our funds
  • : Investments - buying a shares only in term of investments for a long day returns Trading - Buying and selling shares to get immediate profits
  • : face value - current worth price of a share based on the balance sheet data Dividend - Money paid out of it profits Bonus - Money paid out of its profits Splits - splitting a single share by a company without change in total price of the existing (example : 1 stock prices 10 rs before split and 10 stock prices 10 rs after split
  • : Both represent the average movement of the Indian market with different terminologist BSE - SENEX NSE - NIFTY
  • : NSE - Brought transparency to the stock market and direct participation of traders/investors

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