I had an opportunity to learn the structure of stock exchange and how it operate throughout the nation.

  • : Place where sellers & buyers meet to buy & sell their stocks
  • : Organized market which helps the buyer & seller to bargain best price
  • : Koyambedu market similarities: Different products comes in one umbrella to buy & sell differences: Not all products of India comes into koyambedu.
  • : Sebi will regulate the Exchange
  • : Share holder: People who own the company by buying shares. Promoter: Who promotes to the public to buy shares of the particular shares Director: Appointed by the share holders to run the company.
  • : Primary Market: IPOs are created here Secondary Market: Shares will be sold brought after IPO end.
  • : Initial Public Offering. Shares will be issued in Lot, Public will be bidding for the lot to get the IPO.
  • : No
  • : Investments is for long time. Trading is for short term earning.
  • : Face value is the value of stock. Dividend is the profit earned by shares. Bonus is the extra share given to owners. Split is dividing existing shares.
  • : SENSEX is benchmark for BSE Nifty is the benchmark for NSE
  • : NSE evolved with technology faster than BSE

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