NSE Bulk and Block Deals 2016-10-29T17:20:19+00:00

NSE Bulk and Block Deals

Last 10 Days - Top Accumulated Stocks List

CompanyTrade ValueCOL3
AGROPHOS11,640,420.00Top Accumulated Stock
TPLPLASTEH12,097,960.35Top Accumulated Stock
21STCENMGM12,158,265.00Top Accumulated Stock
TARACHAND23,640,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
AIFL67,500,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
MACPOWER77,929,670.00Top Accumulated Stock
GHCL409,447,240.90Top Accumulated Stock
JUBLFOOD854,315,286.00Top Accumulated Stock
BANDHANBNK3,990,204,155.00Top Accumulated Stock
Grand5,205,028,142.00Top Accumulated Stock

Last 10 Days - Top Buyers List

ParticipantTrade ValueCOL15
MAYUKA INVESTMENT LIMITED141,715,200.00Top Accumulated Stock
MSD INDIA FUND LTD158,537,015.70Top Accumulated Stock
JINDAL PIPES LIMITED198,702,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
BATHINA KUMARASWAMY REDDY200,380,250.00Top Accumulated Stock
JSL LIMITED240,236,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
PRONOMZ VENTURES LLP324,933,336.00Top Accumulated Stock
KESHAV POWER PRIVATE LIMITED379,600,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
HYPNOS FUND LIMITED409,447,240.90Top Accumulated Stock
WILLIAM BLAIR AND CO LLC854,315,286.00Top Accumulated Stock
NOMURA INDIA INVESTMENT FUND MOTHER FUND3,990,204,155.00Top Accumulated Stock

Last 10 Days - Top Distributed Stocks List

Last 10 Days - Top Seller List

Participant NameTrade ValueCOL15
Y H DALMIA HUF-331,515,200.00Top Distributed Stock
AGNUS CAPITAL LLP-324,933,336.00Top Distributed Stock
GAUTAM DALMIA-292,020,800.00Top Distributed Stock
ABHYUDAY JINDAL-240,236,000.00Top Distributed Stock
JM FINANCIAL CAPITAL LIMITED-200,380,250.00Top Distributed Stock
SUDHA APPARELS LIMITED-198,702,000.00Top Distributed Stock
INDIA VALUE FUND IV-190,494,758.30Top Distributed Stock
PREM KUMAR BHAJANKA-104,220,000.00Top Distributed Stock
AUM CAPITAL MARKET PVT LTD-92,444,500.00Top Distributed Stock
INDIA MAX INVESTMENT FUND LTD-88,052,800.00Top Distributed Stock