NSE Bulk and Block Deals 2016-10-29T17:20:19+00:00

NSE Bulk and Block Deals

Last 10 Days - Top Accumulated Stocks List

CompanyTrade ValueCOL3
ARIES10,321,650.00Top Accumulated Stock
BHARATWIRE17,240,424.82Top Accumulated Stock
GINNIFILA17,797,405.20Top Accumulated Stock
MANINDS22,712,240.00Top Accumulated Stock
VSCL36,859,140.00Top Accumulated Stock
WEBELSOLAR38,561,159.08Top Accumulated Stock
JYOTISTRUC49,715,705.49Top Accumulated Stock
VIVIMEDLAB60,585,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
SUPRAJIT333,319,833.00Top Accumulated Stock
SUNTECK425,185,820.00Top Accumulated Stock

Last 10 Days - Top Buyers List

ParticipantTrade ValueCOL15
KARTHIKEYAN R22,712,240.00Top Accumulated Stock
MARFATIA NISHIL SURENDRA35,472,938.41Top Accumulated Stock
J S L ENTERPRISES40,867,578.00Top Accumulated Stock
M/S MENTOR CAPITAL LIMITED58,251,453.70Top Accumulated Stock
PRAGISH TEXTILES PRIVATE LIMITED60,585,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
NARESH KOTHARI114,120,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
CASTROL LIMITED222,719,256.00Top Accumulated Stock
A V S R HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED250,250,000.00Top Accumulated Stock
SMALLCAPWORLD FUND INC333,319,833.00Top Accumulated Stock
FID FDS MAURITIUS LTD425,185,820.00Top Accumulated Stock

Last 10 Days - Top Distributed Stocks List

Last 10 Days - Top Seller List

Participant NameTrade ValueCOL15
MV SCIF MAURITIUS-648,130,789.60Top Distributed Stock
AXIS MUTUAL FUND A/C AXIS LONG TERM EQUITY FUND-502,993,763.80Top Distributed Stock
ASHOK HARIRAM THAKKAR-281,850,000.00Top Distributed Stock
A V S RAJU-250,250,000.00Top Distributed Stock
BP MAURITIUS LIMITED-222,719,256.00Top Distributed Stock
NED CONSULTANTS LLP-113,692,010.30Top Distributed Stock
PAYONE ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED-93,355,000.00Top Distributed Stock
ASHOK MOTILAL KATARIYA-61,350,000.00Top Distributed Stock
EPOCH SYNTHETICS PVT LTD-41,011,028.88Top Distributed Stock