Mastering Intraday Trading

Get trained to become  a profitable intraday trader.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate.

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The Complete Day Trading Course

A Practical Guide for Day Trader

You can be a better trader with a simple intraday trading system. This workshop is open to beginner and intermediate traders. It covers stock selections techniques, finding entry-exit levels, and risk management.

It takes 2 days of interactive sessions and 30 days of live market activities to complete. More Info

Live Session Vs Pre-recorded

Our training sessions are led by an instructor. Participants can interact and ask doubts. EQSIS training module is not in a pre-recorded format.

Training Schedule

Here are the available dates we conduct intraday training.


Nov 14 and 15, 2021




Max 15





Nov 28 and 29, 2021


Lower Parel, Mumbai

Number of Slots

Max 15




Day 1: Learning the concepts

In trading, it is easy for misconceptions to develop and get carried away. Hence it is very important to learn the existing concepts and proven techniques to build the foundations.

09:00AM – 05:00PM

Day 2: Live Market Practice

The ability to put it into action is the primary task of the day. By performing live market research and creating a trading plan can help you to retain the concept. This includes global market study, sectorial analysis, stock selection, and trade management.

09:00AM – 03:30PM

30 Days: Make Research as Habit

For the next 30 days, we assign 4-5 simple tasks in a day and each task may take 10-15 minutes. This includes performing analysis, creating trade plans, and reviewing them. It makes your practice journey natural and fits in your daily routine.

100 Task, 10 Mins each.

Course Outcome

In a live market, the participant will be able to identify the trade opportunities and trade them confidently.

Course Content

Here are the detailed schedule, time frame, list of topics and activities covered in EQSIS Intraday Trading Course.

Day 1 - 09:00AM to 09:45AM

  • Introduction to Intraday Trading
  • Importance of Risk Management

This provides you a focus on what is needed to become a successful intraday trader. 

Day 1 - 09:45AM to 10:45AM

  • Stock Selection by EOD Analysis

Here the stock selection technique explained with day or weekly momentum. This includes EOD stock scanners, OI analysis, candlestick analysis, and RSI.

Day 1 - 11:00AM to 11:45AM

  • Stock Selection by Top-down approach.

Here you understand the importance of market sentiment. Intraday stock price behavior is highly influenced by the current market sentiment.

Day 1 - 12:00PM to 01:00PM

  • [Part 1] Stock selection using Intraday Scanner. 

Some basic intraday filters are explained in this sections. This includes stock selection by price filter, volume filter and relative analysis.

Day 1 - 01:45PM to 02:30PM

  • [Part 2] Stock selection using Intraday Scanner.

Here you get introduced with some of the EQSIS custom filter such as bulls incharge, climbing bulls, trading in basket, heavy buying etc. Volume profile is explained in this section.

Day 1 - 02:30PM to 03:30PM

  • Understanding the Trading levels

Here you learn to define entry, target and stoploss. This includes why breakout trades, how to trade on retracements, and trading on overbought or oversold zones.

Day 1 - 03:45PM to 04:45PM

  • Intraday Trading using Derivatives.
  • Risk Management Techniques.

Pro and cons of using futures and options, position sizing, and pair trading systems for better risk management are included.

Day 1 - 04:45PM to 05:00PM

  • Successful backtesting combinations
  • How to set alerts

Here we conclude the day by sharing the backtesting process with some of our observations.

Day 2 - 09:00AM to 09:15AM

  • Pre-Market Activity

This activity consist of global market analysis and defining key levels of NIFTY. 

Day 2 - 09:15AM to 09:45AM

  • EOD Market Analysis

Here the participants asked to find stocks based on the previous day actions. 

Day 2 - 09:45AM to 10:00AM

  • NIFTY opening behaviour study
  • Finding NIFTY trading range

Here the participants need to conclude the market sentiment.

Day 2 - 10:00AM to 10:30AM

  • Stock selection activity

Every participants will be asked to list few stocks for intraday trading. This is done by using top down approach and intraday scanner.

Day 2 - 10:45AM to 12:15PM

  • Define Trade Plans
  • Instrument Selection

Here everyone is asked to find the entry, target and stoploss for the given stock. Q&A session for the morning task.

Day 2 - 12:15PM to 01:00PM

  • Lunch Break

This early lunch break will allows us to manage the afternoon trades effectively post european market opening.


Day 2 - 01:00PM to 02:15PM

  • Reviewing NIFTY Trend and its Levels.
  • Stock Selection with trade plan.

This activity is done to review the current market sentiment. Here the participant will publish intraday trade plan.

Day 2 - 02:15PM to 02:45PM

  • Reviewing Trades

Here our course instructor will review the trade plans. This exercise will helps us to find the collective though process and fix problem if any.

Day 2 - 02:45PM to 03:30PM

  • Trade size impact on draw down.
  • Introduction for 30 days live practice session.

Having experienced live trading session, participant will be introduced and assigned with 30 days live market activities.

30 Days, 100 Task.

  • Live Market Activity
  • Takes less time but very effective for day trades
  • Each day, 3 – 4 task assigned to make it intraday analysis habitual.

Activity 1: Daily 2 or 3

  • Performing Analysis (10 Mins Task)

Activities such as global markets analysis, finding key support and resistance for NIFTY, stock selection using intraday scanner, etc.,

Activity 2: Daily 1

  • Generating Calls (10 Mins Task)

This activity consist of recommending stocks for the day with clear trade plan. You get the follow up anf reviews from our team.

Activity 3: Daily 1

  • Day Summary (15 Mins Task)

Every day our participant promted to summaries the work by traking what happen to the analysis and recommended stock.

What exactly is intraday trading? Do I really need training?

Intraday Trading

Online trading businesses attract a lot of people but many of them struggle to find the right system. Because it is much more than buying and selling.

Success depends on a deep understanding of the subject and the systematic execution of trades. Hence, one needs to learn and practice them to be successful.

Do You Need Training?

Yes, if you have got started with intraday trading.

Yes, if you are struggling to find the right stocks to trade.

Yes, if you wish to optimize your existing trading model.

No, if you are already confident and getting over 60% strike rate with more than a 1:1 risk-reward ratio.

Master the tools and techniques which make you a professional intraday trader.

What is the course duration?

EQSIS Intraday training course take 2 full days interactive session. Also you will be given with 4 – 5 mins task for next 30 days to master it.

What will be mode of training?

EQSIS Intraday training is available in classroom  and online interactive mode. To ensure the best outcome it is not in pre-recorded video format.

Who can participate in this training?

This training is open for all who wants to learn intraday trading on equity market. Both beginner and intermediate can participate to sharpen the intraday trading skill

How to enroll for the training?

The course registeration can be done online. Kinldy check the available schedule and reserve your slot early as it is limited. We accept most of the payment mode