Intraday Analysis In Detail

One Full-Day Training & 10 Days Practice

This course takes you through various stock selection techniques for intraday trading. You’ll also learn to find trading levels and to use various intraday scanners and filters.

This includes global market study, sectorial analysis, stock selection, trade management, and risk management

Level - Intermediate

Learn stock market without any previous knowledge with this course.(See Course Content)


Upcoming Training Starting on 28 March 2022. (View Schedule)

Mode of Delivery

This course is available in both online and in classroom training. (Check Availability)

Rs. 4000

One full day training with hands-on trading experience plus access to practice workflow for 30 days to retain the knowledge.

Course Content


Intraday Scanner

Learn to use various intraday scanners and filters to select stocks within no time.


Risk Management

Learn to build a trading system with proper risk-reward ratio and position sizing for better risk management.


Derivative Intraday

Learn to trade derivatives intraday by capitalizing the time decay.


Trading levels

Learn to define entry, target, and stop loss for the breakout trades and retracement trades.


Index Intraday

Learn to analyze the index sentiment and create a trading plan for Nifty and Bank Nifty intraday trading.


Post Training Activites

Practice Intraday analysis with multiple tasks from the pre-market till the end of the day.


Who can enroll for this course?

For Beginner

Recommended to have a basic understanding of markets to take this course.

What will be the timing and when is upcomming batch?

Its 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM Full day training. It is mostly scheduled on weekdays (Monday).

What language will be used to deliver this course

Mostly in English, but sometime we schedule some batches with regional languages.