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We make your clients feel proud about you research services to them.

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EQSIS offer training program for various market participants. We make your employee skilled in handling client queries and make them successful by practicing ethical code.

Our Training Program can benefit

  1. Your Client to become independent traders
  2. Your employee to become skilled
  3. Your Business associate to become successful.

EQSIS as Corporate Trainer for financial markets

We have some of our standard and proven programs; however we need to understand the end users requirement before we finalize the topic and content

Fundamental of Stock Trading

Corporate Financial Training[/fusion_imageframe][fusion_separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”25″

Art of Technical Analysis

“] Technical-Analysis training for stock brokers

Developing Trading Strategies

Trading-Strategies for corporate

Role and Responsibilities of Relationship manager in successful trader career

Relationship manager in successful trader career

Franchisee’s long term Broking business; the Necessities and Opportunities

corporate training

Overview of Financial products and understanding your client’s requirement

We teach what has to be practiced

Our Programs are hosted by SEBI registered Research Analyst with a holistic approach.


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