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EQSIS offer one stop solution for stock brokers in India to outsource research activity.

EQSIS was founded for the purpose of making the seemingly complex issues of stock market trading accessible to anybody.

We can work together to keep you traders ahead of markets.

  • Our Reports are simple and easy to read
  • Our Recommendations are actionable
  • Our Experts are approachable

Corporate research services[zing Services: Get It Before Anyone Else!

Our services are synergetic which can bring benefits to everyone. Your client satisfaction is what you need; your competitive edge is what we need.

  • We works as your in-house department, open to review meeting once in a quarter.
  • Our Services are Limited to 2 stock brokers in any cities
  • Renewal Preference will be given to existing members


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We always believe that Wisdom with Right Approach in Stock Market gives consistent Success.


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