How To Invest By Asking Right Questions?

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How To Invest By Asking Right Questions? You don’t need big ideas to be a successful investor and create wealth but rather need small ideas which can work really big. Investors make many decisions in their journey and most of the decisions taken end futile. No investors take investments decisions by imagining that one will [...]

How To Handle Emotions While Investing

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How To Handle Emotions While Investing? In the ecosystem of the stock market, companies will change, managers who are running those companies will change, sentiments for the market changes, the macro and micro factors change but there is one thing that has not changed a bit ever since the stock market was created and it [...]

The most important thing in investing

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What is the most important thing in investing? Investors, Mutual fund managers and Hedge fund managers who are managing billions of dollars around the globe have only one sole purpose, that is to “beat the index”. It has been repeatedly shown in various studies that, fund managers don’t beat the index in the long run. [...]

How to invest in the stock market

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How to invest in the stock market?  (The SIP approach) The best way to hedge our uncertain future financial commitments is by becoming financially independent (more the money works for us, less the time we work for money) and one of the best hedging processes everyone can practice is through SIP. In SIP first, we [...]

How To Become Financially Independent

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                            How To Become Financially Independent? “Financially independence” has become a buzzword among many retail investors. Financial indecency helps us so that, our money works for us rather than we working for money. Everyone wants to save and grow their money for [...]