Delayed Gratification In investing

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Delayed Gratification In investing Patience pays a huge payoff in investing. In the stock market, trying to get rich quickly is the quickest way to become poor. Investors who lack patience have no place in the stock market. Most of the investors who claim themselves to be long term investors also become prey to this [...]

What is Position Sizing

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What is Position Sizing? Investors always face the dilemma of how many portions of their portfolio should be allocated to certain stocks. Investors generally allocate a high percentage of their portfolio to the stocks in which they have high conviction. But allocating our capital based on our conviction itself is not a good strategy. It [...]

What is Expectation investing?

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Expectation investing There is no monetary loss or penalty for investors who don’t make smart investing decisions in markets but there is a huge monetary loss if investors make dumb decisions in the stock market. Not making dump decisions should be investors priority rather than making smart investments decisions. One of the ways to not [...]

What is circle of competence in investing

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What is the circle of competence in investing?                           The best time to invest in the stock market is when you don’t feel like investing in the stock market. When we invest in the stock market, we tend to seek social conformity. When we [...]

How To Build a Portfolio – Concentrated or Diversified?

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How To Build a Portfolio – Concentrated or Diversified? Building a portfolio consisting of quality business is the most important job of the investor. Building a portfolio takes time because we may not get all quality company at the same time and portfolio construction is a lifelong process in the investment journey. Everyone wants to [...]

How To Predict In Stock Market?

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How To Predict In Stock Market? Prediction is one of the easiest things to do but very difficult to get it right. Even though investors know that we cannot predict the future exactly, we are always in the business of predictions and extrapolating the numbers. As an investor, while analyzing the company we are looking [...]

How To Invest By Asking Right Questions?

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How To Invest By Asking Right Questions? You don’t need big ideas to be a successful investor and create wealth but rather need small ideas which can work really big. Investors make many decisions in their journey and most of the decisions taken end futile. No investors take investments decisions by imagining that one will [...]

How To Handle Emotions While Investing

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How To Handle Emotions While Investing? In the ecosystem of the stock market, companies will change, managers who are running those companies will change, sentiments for the market changes, the macro and micro factors change but there is one thing that has not changed a bit ever since the stock market was created and it [...]

The most important thing in investing

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What is the most important thing in investing? Investors, Mutual fund managers and Hedge fund managers who are managing billions of dollars around the globe have only one sole purpose, that is to “beat the index”. It has been repeatedly shown in various studies that, fund managers don’t beat the index in the long run. [...]